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Diversity in the Workplace [US]

This Diversity in the Workplace online training course is designed for all employees, supervisors, and employers to raise awareness about demographic changes and the benefits of diverse teams in the workplace. This course teaches about the science of unconscious bias, how to recognize and resolve it and move toward an inclusive work culture.

Gender Identity

This Gender Identity online training course is designed for all employees. This course supports gender diversity, equity and inclusion in the workplace. This online course provides learners with a foundational knowledge of the gender spectrum, gender identity and expression, the impacts of inclusion and exclusion, and actionable steps to take in building an inclusive workplace. True workplace stories from different gender viewpoints are included (both from a transgender/non-binary employee and a cisgender woman). This course utilizes the latest technological advances for engagement including workplace practical application, quizzes, and expanded learning opportunities.

Let's Talk About Racism [USA]

This Let's Talk About Racism online training course is designed for everyone. This course explores racism in today's society, racial discrimination, systemic racism, and how individuals, businesses and government can take actions to end racism. This course begins and continues the important conversations about race we all need to have.

Unconscious Bias

This Unconscious Bias online training course is designed for all employees, supervisors, and management. This course explains unconscious bias, the impact it has on the workplace, and the steps you can take to manage it and encourage diversity and inclusivity. With a better understanding of unconscious bias and where it comes from, you can take steps to resolve individual bias and make better choices and connections.
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